Aviva Life Insurance

Intro to Aviva

Aviva have a storied background: they began as Norwich Union, which was founded in 1797, before merging with CGU to form Aviva in 2000.

They absorbed another insurer, Friend's Life, in 2016. Aviva are the UK's largest insurance company. They are now a multinational insurance company based in London with markets in Europe and Asia. Interestingly, they are the second-largest insurer in Canada and is on the FTSE 100 Index.

Interestingly, the name Aviva is a palindrome (a word that is the same when read both forwards and backwards) and came from the latin word 'viva', meaning 'alive', which ties in nicely with the insurance products that they offer.

They sponsor the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, home to the Irish national football and rugby teams. They also sponsor Norwich City Football Club.

How many customers do Aviva have?

Aviva have roughly 15 million customers in the UK and 33 million wordwide in 16 countries.

What are Aviva's claim pay-out rates?

For life insurance, Aviva paid out 98.9% of all claims in 2018, amounting to £563 million.

For critical illness cover, Aviva paid out 92.6% of all claims in 2018, amounting to £354 million.

What awards have Aviva won?

Aviva have won the Best of the Best Insurers award at The British Insurance Awards 2019.

How much does life insurance from Aviva cost?

Aviva life insurance can vary in cost - this will be based on the individual and is determined by factors like age and lifestyle choices. You can always get a quote to see how much life insurance could cost for you.

Is Aviva life insurance good?

Protect Line are an impartial brokerage, so this means we won't ever give you any advice and will only provide facts. In regards to Aviva, we have provided factual information within this page so that you can make a decision when it comes to choosing your life insurance policy.

How do I get Aviva life insurance quotes?

We can offer you quotes for Aviva life insurance - all you need to do is fill out our online quote form, have a chat with our friendly and professional team and you'll then have quotes from multiple different insurers to choose from.

How do I pay for Aviva life insurance?

You can pay for Aviva life insurance like you would any other policy - this is usually via direct debit and set up when you take out your policy.

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